Amber Burth


"Getting stressed is a part of life, and being stress free is the art of life" -Mandavi Verina


My name is Amber Burth. I became a licensed massage therapist in the summer of 2014 with a passion in holistic healing. I received training in swedish massage therapy at Texas School of Massage in Clearlake,Texas. My specialty is in stress management and relaxation techniques, long flowing strokes in unity with the calmness of the music. My routines also include trigger point therapy of the 'knots' (the binding of fascia and overworked muscles) and stretching personalized to the needs of each of my clients. While a great massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress and pain, I look at the body as a whole. Our mind plays a vital role in the process of the relief of stress and must not be overlooked in the process of true health. I believe that each of us can respond to the stress differently while sometimes manifesting itself in physical form causing acute and sometimes chronic discomfort. Our first session we will discuss how stress affects the brain and the body along avenues to reduce it as much as possible both in session and in your everyday life. This is a complimentary optional extra to the massage.

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